UXO Site selected: Willcox Air Force Range, AZ

General Area: Willcox, AZ

Site Type/Program: FUDS

Location: This UXOInfo.com database entry only the formerly used (FUDS) portions of the Willcox Air Force Range. Most of the range is still an active DOD site used by Fort Huachuca as an electronics proving ground. The range is located approximately 8 miles south of Willcox, AZ in Cochise County.

Brief History: The Willcox Air Force Range was acquired in 1943 for use by Davis-Monthan Field for bombing and air to ground gunnery training. Improvements on the range consisted of the construction of buildings, an above ground steel tank, aiming circles, and air to ground targets. Historical documents indicate that remote controlled trucks were also used as bombing targets. Historical documents state that the FUDS were not used, but interviews and the site inspection indicate that air to ground gunnery training occurred on the FUDS. It is unknown if bombing training was conducted on the FUDS, but the remains of HE bombs and practice bombs were found on one of the FUDS. The FUDS were surplused during the period 1948 through 1958. According to the owner of some of the FUDS properties, only the FUDS adjoining the active range contain ordnance. This individual also indicated that there are properties adjoining the active range which were never owned by DOD but do contain ordnance. Two FUDS adjoining the active range were inspected. The north area consisting of approximately 320 acres, contains .50 cal. Ammunition debris and target debris along with the remains of AN-M57 Series, 250-pound GP Bombs and M38A2, 100-pound Practice Bombs. There were no bomb craters found in this area.

Range / Site Description:

Associated Munitions: AN-M57 Series, 250-pound GP Bombs and M38A2, 100-pound Practice Bombs

Activities Completed: The Archive Search Report for Willcox Air Force Range was completed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, St. Louis District, in June 1996.

Issues: The TAG recommends an EE/CA for Area A since there was confirmed debris from HE bombs encountered by the SI Team during their inspection of this area. NOFA is recommended for the remainder of this FUDS.

Other Information: EE/CA

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