UXO Sites

Welcome to the UXOInfo.com.s UXO Site Inventory. The UXO site inventory is organized by the type of site (e.g. operational range, FUDS, MMRP) and by DoD Service and / or Country. Simply click on the UXO Site category of your choice to view the corresponding list of UXO sites within that category. To view UXO sites by state, use the state category below.

UXOInfo.com will be expanding the list of sites including international sites . our goal to provide you with the most comprehensive summary list of all locations that contain or potentially contain UXO. Please note, the UXO sites inventory is a work in progress and we need your help in keeping it accurate and up to date. If you know of any sites that are not in the inventory or see that information or data for a particular site needs to be updated, please let us know.

Also if you have any pictures, images or documents that are from or about UXO at any site that is not already in the library, please email them to us at information@uxoinfo.com Please include a description of the document and its source so proper credit can be given. Please do not send any classified or business proprietary documents. Thank you.

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