New Museum Curator Makes Explosive Discovery

Grissom Air Reserve Base, Indiana A new employee at the Berrien Springs County Plaza Museum in Berrien Springs, Michigan got some interesting "on-the-job" training when he came across an artifact marked with a sticky-note stating, "Danger, it may be active." The curator was sorting through old inventory when he found the Civil War cannon ball with the note attached.

He immediately notified the museum director, Rhiannon Cizon. Cizon's first thought was, "This is not good." Cizon went on to say, "He then told me that there were three more where this came from." Other munitions were also discovered that had the potential of still being active.

Grissom Air Reserve Base EOD was then notified. "We could tell from photos that the munitions had the potential of being live," said Staff Sgt. Rogerito Miravete-Disantis, 434th Civil Engineer Squadron EOD technician and team lead for the incident. "This type of cannon ball in particular often contains an internal charge that can be unstable due to the age and condition of the device."


Grenade found at Finnish Red Cross thrift Shop

Oulu, Finland EOD technicians responded to a Red Cross charity thrift shop in Oulu after employees discovered a grenade among donated items dropped off for sale. Oulu Police tweeted, "The building has been evacuated and police are guarding the area. The Finnish Defence Forces have begun preparations to remove the hand grenade."

Oulu Police Commissioner Juha Niemelä said that it was not immediately clear whether the grenade was functional or even genuine. "But I'd say that it looks like a real hand grenade," Niemelä said. The shop was closed while EOD safely removed the device.

DLNR and Navy Discussing Options For Underwater UXO


(Honolulu)  Balancing public safety, while providing a high level of protection for the aquatic environment are the overarching considerations being discussed by the Hawai'i Dept. of Land and Natural Resources and the Hawai'i Dept. of Health, for the safe remediation of two WWII-era bombs off of Molokini Crater in Maui County, in state ocean waters.

Recent social media postings have suggested, that the U.S.Navy, with the State's concurrence, plan to "blow up Molokini." DLNR Chair Suzanne Case said, "We continue a careful and deliberative process to identify the best strategy to render this unexploded ordnance (UXO) safe while protecting the marine environment. This process began more than six months ago, and no final decisions have been made and will not be made without public engagement. It's important we hear from stakeholders."


Happy 4th Of July Readers,

Happy 4th of July - please stay safe this holiday season. I know many fireworks shows have been cancelled across the country due to COVID-19. / Ordnance Holdings Inc. (OHI) would like to thank all of those who are serving and those who have served in the military to make our country great and safe.

Wishing you and your family a safe and healthy happy holiday.

June 2020 UXO E-Newsletter Released

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Search and Rescue Team Finds UXO

Flyingdales, United Kingdom A search and rescue team practicing navigation skills found a WWII era round. The team took photos of the round and sent them to the North Yorkshire Police who in turn called out an EOD detachment based in Catterick.



Ordnance Washes Ashore

Suffolk Beach, United Kingdom Police officer were called to respond to a call from a civilian walking the beach concerning a potential UXO find. Police inspected the item and notified an EOD unit from Colchester for assistance.



Boy Discovers Ordnance In River

Willoughby Hills, Ohio A 12-year old boy playing and wading in the Chagrin River near the Eagle Road Bridge when he noticed an odd-shaped object among the rocks in the water. Curios, the boy picked up the 20-pound item and carried it through the river and back to his home.

When his mother noticed what her son brought home, she immediately contacted police who responded to their home, with the Lake County Bomb Disposal Unit. Bomb technicians set up a perimeter for them to safely remove the shell, which was placed in an explosive containment unit and taken to another location for safe disposal.



Maryland Couple Uncovers WWI Projectile in Garden

Bel Air, Maryland A couple in Bel Air found a WWI-era UXO while gardening. They notified the Harford County Sheriff's Office who then called in local bomb technicians and ATF agents. Bomb technicians conducted an emergency disposal on-site to safely dispose of the round.



WWI Munition Complicates Drain Clearing Operation

Evesham, United Kingdom When George Smith decided to clear out a clogged drain in his backyard, he was not expecting the source of the clog to be a WWI UXO. His son suggested calling authorities after Smith had unknowingly dumped the hand grenade in a bucket and bashed it with a crowbar.



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