UXO Site selected: Pinecastle Army Air Field (McCoy AFB), FL

General Area: Orlando, FL

Site Type/Program: FUDS

Location: The former Pinecastle Army Airfield consisted of 2,216 acres. Acquisition began in 1942 and the entire site was transferred to the City of Orlando in 1947. Between 1951 and 1969, the U.S. reacquired Pinecastle Army Airfield and expanded the site to 4,426.40 acres for use as Pinecastle Air Force Base. The base was renamed McCoy Air Force Base in 1958. A major portion of the site is currently owned by the city of Orlando and used for the Orlando International Airport. The portion of the site transferred to private individuals and companies is being used for aviation related activities in support of the airport. The US Navy controls a part of the site for an administrative and housing area.

Brief History: Pinecastle Army Airfield was used as a training base for B-17 bomber crews. Records indicate that planes from Pinecastle AAF performed test bombing of chemical munitions at Pinecastle bombing and gunnery range. It is uncertain whether the chemical warfare materials used in these tests were stored at Pinecastle Army Airfield or transported from the Orlando toxic gas and decontamination yard a few hours before a bombing run. The Air Force reactivated the site in 1952 under the air training command and used the site until 1974. Most of the former air field is now the Orlando International Airport.

Range / Site Description:

Associated Munitions:

Activities Completed: The Archives Search Report was completed in September 1993 by the USACE St Louis District.

Issues: The majority of the former Pinecastle Airfield has been subjected to extensive modification due to the addition of new structures, taxiways, or runways. In addition, the remaining lands have been subjected to extensive evacuation, landfill and improvement activities. The Area 4 acreage was investigated by Mobile District in 1988 and it was determined that no subsurface OE existed in this area. Areas 1 through 4 are recommended for no further action. Either the area has been subjected to previous investigation, extensive evacuation, fill or topography change, or has facilities constructed over the previous sites. Area 5 is the site of the former southwest ordnance storage area and this site is presently undeveloped. Aircraft rockets and 50 caliber small arms ammunition have been recovered from this site during previous excavation activities. The area is adjacent to a U.S. Navy housing and administrative area; therefore, the likelihood that ordnance may fall into the hands of small children playing in the area is likely. There are no barriers or security systems to keep children out of the area. Therefore, it is recommended that and EE/CA be performed on this site. A fence should be constructed around Area "5" with the appropriate warning signs posted. Appropriate warnings should be distributed to the households in proximity to this site.

Other Information: EE/CA (Area 5)

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