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Site Type/Program: FUDS

Location: Assateague Island, a 36 mile barrier island paralleling the Maryland and Virginia coastlines, consists of approximately 17,552 acres of land.

Brief History: The Army Air Corps reportedly established two rocket/bombing ranges on portions of Assateague Island along the Maryland coast. These ranges were used for target practice by land based aircraft. Additionally, two, and possibly three, ordnance burial sites were constructed at the end of the war for disposal of ordnance as the ranges were cleared. In 1943, the southern portion of the island became the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge. The area was developed for greater daytime use in 1956. During the 195os, the northern section of the island was subdivided into thousands of vacation homes. The 1962 storm destroyed most of the existing development and discouraged any further construction. In 1965, Assateague Island was authorized as a national seashore.

Range / Site Description:

Associated Munitions: Rockets, bombs and small arms.

Activities Completed: EOD Responded to numerous calls in the 1980's. ASR and EE/CA complete.


Other Information:

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ASR for Assateague Island, MD.01-Aug-94
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