UXO Site selected: Nellis Range Complex, NV

General Area: Tonopah, NV

Site Type/Program: Operational - Air Force

Location: The Nellis Range Complex is located between Las Vegas and Tonopah in Southwestern Nevada and consists of five adjacent geographical areas. The ground is mostly barren, consisting mainly of flat, dry lake beds, dry washes, desert vegetation, and rugged, mountainous terrain. The land occupied by Nellis Range Complex is more than 3.1 million acres, combined with more than 12,000 square miles of airspace. The 99th Range Squadron, which controls the range, is located on Nellis Air Force Base, approximately eight miles northeast of Las Vegas.

Brief History: The 99th Range Squadron (ACC) operates, maintains, and develops the Nellis Range Complex, comprising 3.1 million acres and 12,000 square miles of airspace. It supports advanced composite force training, tactics development, and testing. The 99th Range Squadron commands two detachments: Indian Springs Air Force Auxiliary Field, which manages Nellis' Southern Ranges, and Tonopah Test Range Airfield, which manages Nellis' Northern Ranges. The Nellis Range Complex (NRC) has been designated a Major Range and Test Facility by the Department of Defense (DoD), providing threat simulators in combat-like environments. The 99th Range Group also acts as the ACC lead range advocate to provide centralized expertise for the development of ACC test and training ranges as directed by HQ ACC. There are five geographical areas of the Nellis Range Complex including: Restricted Areas R-4806 (primarily used for testing and munitions training); R-4807 (used for electronic combat and munitions training); R-4808 (used by the Nevada Test Site); R-4809 (used primarily as an electronic combat range); and the Desert Military Operating Area (used for air-to-air training). The ranges offer a wide variety of targets for inert and live munitions for test and training missions. Examples of missions performed on the Southern Ranges include strafing and employment of cluster bomb unit drops, aircraft-mounted rockets, laser-guided bombs, and general-purpose bombs.

Range / Site Description:

Associated Munitions: Everything you could think of - used extensively

Activities Completed: The Air Force does some limited UXO clearance at Nellis. There has also been some FUDS related work at Nellis - in particular ten areas including: Areas A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I and the Small Arms Range Complex. The USACE completed an ASR for each of the ten areas.

Issues: Operational range - still in use

Other Information: Most of Nellis is operational.

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Archive Search Report - Nellis AFB Former Small Arms Range Complex01-Jul-96
Archive Search Report - Nellis AFB Range Area A01-Jul-96
Archive Search Report - Nellis AFB Range Area G01-Jul-96
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