UXO Site selected: Utah Test and Training Range (UTTR), UT

General Area: Salt Lake, UT

Site Type/Program: Operational - Air Force

Location: The UTTR is located in north-western Utah and eastern Nevada. It is contained within the Great Salt Lake Desert, approximately 70 miles west of Salt Lake City.

Brief History: The UTTR also has the largest overland contiguous block of supersonic authorized restricted air space in the continental US. The UTTR was created in 1979 for testing of cruise missiles. The large amount of land and airspace required has made large footprint weapons testing a natural follow-on. The testing of smart munitions, long-range standoff weapons, remote controlled/unmanned air vehicles, boost-glide precision guided munitions, air-to-air missiles, and autonomous loitering anti-radiation missiles have all been accomplished at the UTTR. The airspace is situated over 2,624 square miles of DoD land, of which 1,490 square miles are Air Force owned. The remainder is owned and managed by the US Army at Dugway Proving Ground. Chaff and flares are authorized over much of this area.

Range / Site Description:

Associated Munitions: High explosive ordnance including bombs, rockets, CBUs, submunitions and ground ordnance.DoD land beneath this airspace. The UTTR is primarily surrounded by public domain land and is not likely to be encroached upon in the foreseeable future.

Activities Completed: Unknown

Issues: Unknown

Other Information:

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