UXO Site selected: Surf City Beach Replenishment Project, NJ

General Area: Long Beach Island, NJ

Site Type/Program: Dredging & Beach Replenishment Sites

Location: Long Beach Island, NJ - the borrow site where the discarded military munitions were pumped from the sea floor was 2.5 miles from shore. The beach portion impacted by UXO is estimated at 1.6 miles.

Brief History: Surf City located stretches approximately 18 miles of beach and is home to private residences and recreational public beaches underwent a beach replenishment project that involved pumping of 880,000 cu yds of sand from a site 2.5 miles from shore. The goal was to build a beach berm 8ft thick with dunes 22ft high to protect the beach from storms and erosion. In the process of the beach replenishment project munitions were discovered in the sand that was borrowed. The munitions were noticed the day after the first phase of the project was completed (after mile 1.6 of the 18 mile project). Reportedly, 4 inch turtle screens were employed during the project.

Range / Site Description: Local residents using hand-help metal detectors were the first ones to report finding munitions along the back following the replenishment project. The USACE Baltimore District dispatched a team to the site to investigate the munitions finds. A subsequent Time Critical Removal Action was conducted along the beach. Over 1,100 munition items were recovered along the beach and in the shallow surf. Portions of the beach were closed and a large public awareness campaign was conducted to educate the public.

Associated Munitions: Discarded military munitions including WWII era fuzes and other conventional munitions and munitions components.

Activities Completed: TCRA, continual monitoring of the beach, public awareness. Berm and dunes were subsequently sifted and a total of over 3,100 munition items were recovered from the site.

Issues: The site is located in a heavily populated tourist area that is very busy during the summer months with vacation goers.

Other Information: Continue to monitor the beach for munitions items and maintain the public awareness campaign.

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EE/CA Surf City New Jersey 200729-Jun-05
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