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Prior to the turn over of the Canal and U.S. military bases in Panama to the Panamanian Government in 1999, the U.S. military controlled more than 75,000 acres of land. The land included over 7,000 acres of range area including two Army ranges (Empire and Pina), and an Air force bombing range known as Balboa West. This entry in the UXOInfo.com UXO site inventory database covers the Balboa West Range.

Associated Munitions:

Activities Completed: The U.S. military completed several studies of the ranges and a very limited range clearance effort in preparation for the transfer of the ranges to the Government of Panama. Only a fraction of the ranges were cleared to surface or very near surface. Although the U.S. did conduct limited clearance activities at Balboa West, the majority of their efforts were focused at the time on the Empire Range Complex which was adjacent to the Balboa West Range. This was done to support future planned canal expansion / construction projects within the Empire Range.

Issues: The Balboa West Range Complex is adjacent to the Panama Canal and is in an area that is slated for part of the expansion plans for the canal. Potentially several hundred acres of former range land may be impacted by canal construction activities.

Other Information: For the most part, the U.S. military has claimed that it has met the obligations of the treaty and has left Panama to deal with the legacy UXO site problem with little to no assistance from the State Department.

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