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July 2019

Sand, Sun, and (UXO) Shells

Dear UXOInfo.com Readers,

Warm weather has us all spending more time in the great outdoors and many of us are taking advantage of the sunny days by hitting the beaches. This month we highlight several instances of these trips to the sandy shores resulting in UXO finds, big and small.

Shell collectors in North Carolina actually brought home a "shell" of the explosive kind which set off a social media-inspired call to police, and a child digging in the sand just one state away in South Carolina uncovered an MK 25 Marine flare. These stories may be entertaining, but they also call to mind the importance of being vigilant to the dangers of UXO near our waterways.

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25 July 2019

Members of Congress Push for Alternatives to OB/OD On Vieques

Senators Elizabeth Warren and Richard Blumenthal along with Congress Members Alexandria Cortez and Jose Serrano sent a letter of concern to The Committee on Armed Services to push for alternatives to OB/OD for use on Vieques. In particular, the group is requesting $10M from the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) be used for closed detonation chambers.

The letter reads in part, "The military has now been engaged in cleanup efforts on the island for years - a crucial and overdue process. But those efforts have included open-air burning and detonation of hazardous wastes."

According to the Congressional Research Service, these practices entail 'potential environmental and safety hazards,' and '[e]nvironmental concerns' have previously influenced how and where the Department of Defense carries them out."

"Residents and activists repeatedly condemned the open-air burning and detonation, and have expressed fears about the toxicity, human health effects, and environmental impacts of these practices. In April, 42 organizations sent a letter to the Environmental Protection Agency and Members of Congress, emphasizing that technologies now exist that offer a safer alternative to open-air burning and detonation."

"The provision included in the NDAA will help effectuate the use of those safer alternatives. It allocates $10 million 'for the purchase, deployment, and operation of a closed detonation chambers ... that will bring the practice of open air burning and open air detonation to the lowest practicable level'."

"After decades of bombing exercises by our military resulted in severe harm to Vieques, we owe it to our fellow U.S. citizens on the island to clean up after ourselves in a safe, responsible way. As you finalize the NDAA, we therefore urge you to include the House provision that provides funding for safe Vieques cleanup. Thank you for your consideration of this request."

Download a copy of the letter from UXOInfo.com

27 July 2019

Military Flare Uncovered by Child on South Carolina Shore

Garden City, South Carolina The Horry County Police Department responded to a 911 call about an ordnance find on the beach near North Waccamaw Boulevard in Garden City.

The Horry County Police Bomb Squad identified the ordnance as MK 25 Marine flare.

Reportedly, the item was initially discovered by a child playing in the sand.

The bomb squad safely disposed of the flare without incident. The Garden City area has a history of ordnance finds from the former WIII-era Conway Bombing and Gunnery Range that was active in the 1940s, now in the FUDS program.

18 July 2019

Mysterious Explosion Blamed on UXO

Hampton, Virginia Local police responded to a call about an explosion on a site on Wythe Creek Road near Winder Farm Lane. Police released a statement that they suspected the source of the explosion was a UXO that became 'unstable'.

Authorities did not release any details on the exact type of UXO involved or the evidence collected that supported their suspicions.

No one was injured as a result of the explosion.

7 July 2019

Mountain Climbers Find UXO

Jasper, Canada Recreational climbers found a UXO on Mount Athabasca in Jasper National Park. The round was found above the snow line on the north side of Mount Athabasca, about 105 kilometers southeast from the town of Jasper.

The climbers photographed the item but reportedly did not touch or disturb it. They marked the area and reported the find to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). A Canadian military EOD team the Wainwright Canadian Forces Base was dispatched to the site to dispose of the ordnance.

In a press release following the disposal of the item, a RCMP spokesperson stated that the UXO dated back to WWII and was believed to have been used "back in the day for avalanche control." RCMP praised the climbers for reporting the find and not disturbing it in the process. "This potentially dangerous situation was handled effectively because of the proper action being taken at the outset," RCMP said.

UXO-Related History Remembered

Australian EOD At Work - 1942

In this month's 'This Old Ordnance' article, we feature a photograph from 1942 of Australian Army EOD recovering an unexploded Japanese bomb in Darwin in 1942. Source - Australian War Memorial.

If you have any UXO history you would like to share including documents, images, and/or articles for posting, please send them to Rhonda at rhonda@uxoinfo.com.

Management Training - Underwater Munitions Response


Only five positions left for Underwater UXO management training designed for senior EOD/UXO supervisors or environmental managers to assist them in the planning and implementation for Underwater Munitions Response Programs. Underwater munitions are one of the fastest growing industries in Europe and affected Countries.

The training will consist of 8 days deployment to the Baltic Sea from 17-24 August 2019 to survey, investigate and monitor underwater sites. Students will embark from Dansk Poland on-board the Research Vessels "Strakhov" from the Russian Academy of Scientists with an International Team of Professors and Experts from Russia Academy of Scientists, Royal Military College of Canada, Polish Academy of Scientists, United States University of Georgia and Canada's International Dialogue on Underwater Munitions (IDUM).

Those who are interest to further improve their knowledge and experience on underwater munitions responses, risk assessment and management options should attend. We encourage both students and environmental services industry personnel, to apply for this opportunity to learn more about the detection, investigation and monitoring of Underwater Chemical Munitions. Send your CV to info@idum.org.


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12 July 2019

Display Ordnance Reportedly Contained Live Detonator

Nhulunbuy, Australia A donation of WWII era historical artifacts resulted in a bomb disposal response by local police. The items donated by an elderly history enthusiast included several various ordnance items and related debris. The man reportedly had the items in his house for years after finding the items on a former property he owned near the airport.

Believing the items were safe, the man took the items with him when he moved 600 miles away to his current house where he used the munition items as bookends for years. Apparently the wife got tired of the items on display at the house and forced the man to get rid of them.


Believing the items to be inert, the man drove them to the Gove airport for use in their historical display which included a section on the airport's history during WWII as RAAF Base Gove. Once on display, someone noticed what was reported as a detonator in one of the items sparking a call to the Nhulunbuy Police Department. A bomb squad removed the items for disposal and authorities interviewed the man who was shocked to hear that one of the items may have contained energetic material.

July 2019

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08 July 2019

16,000 Evacuated For UXO Disposal Operation

Frankfurt, Germany Over 16,000 people were evacuated from the area around the European Central Bank headquarters as bomb disposal personnel disposed of a WWII-era bomb. About 350 firefighters, police and Red Cross staff were involved in the operation to move residents.

The device was discovered earlier in the week in the Main River by city fire service personnel conducting a dive exercise in the river. Reportedly, the initial plan had been for a partial detonation to neutralize the bomb, but local experts were concerned that bomb could high order in the process. Therefore, divers moved the bomb, reported as a 250-kilogram (550-pound) U.S. bomb, from the position where it was found to a greater depth of 5.5 to 6 meters.

Smaller explosions had been detonated in the water to drive away fish ahead of the main explosion. The underwater disposal shot sent water plume some 30 meters up into the air. The area was given the all clear for residents following the successful operation.

30 June 2019

Artillery Round Dropped Off At Recycling Center

Fergus Falls, Minnesota The Otter Tail County Recycling Center was evacuated after somebody left an artillery round in their hazardous waste removal area. Police said they were called out after the artillery round was dropped off in the morning. The Crow Wing County Bomb Squad was called in to remove and properly dispose of the item identified on as an artillery round.

Although the round was dropped off anomalously, police are investigating to see if they can determine who dropped off the round.

27 July 2019

Seashell Collectors Make Dangerous Bombshell Discovery

Kure Beach, North Carolina A retired couple taking a walk along the beach collecting seashells came across a shell of dangerous kind in the shallow water. Curious of the find, the couple dug it up and lugged the 30-pound find to their house.

Upon arriving at home, the couple posted pictures on the Kure Beach community social media page in an attempt to learn more about the item. Their posts were passed on to the Hanover County Sheriff's Office by a concerned reader which prompted a quick response by law enforcement.

The wife described the response to reporters stating, "I was sitting in my chair reading a book and I heard a voice behind me say, 'Hi are you the lady with the bomb?' And I hopped up and I said yes it's right over here."

The bomb squad responded and identified the round as a live Parrott round. The item was safely transported by the bomb squad for proper disposal.

Kure Beach Find

Filler Type and Weight
2,960-pounds Amatol 50/50 or 60/40; 3,070-pounds of RDX/TNT 60/40; 3,088-pounds of Minol 2; or 3,294-pounds of Torpex.
Body Type and Weight
The body consists of a fabricated steel, cylindrical shell (30 inches in diameter) with a domed plate welded to the nose end, parallel sides, and closing plate bolted to the angle ring, which is welded in position. The total weight of the MK IV HC bomb is 3,930 pounds.
OP 1665 British Explosive Ordnance, June 1946

The MK IV HC bomb is a WWII era British bomb has a 82 inch long steel cylindrical body with steel blocks to support the suspension lug and hoisting brackets. The overall length of the bomb with the domed welded plate nose section and closing plate is 110-inches. The thin wall body (.31 inch steel) holds nigh explosives at a charge to weight ration of approximately 75 percent. The exact amount of explosives packed into the bomb varies by explosive type utilized.

Fuzing on the HC 4,000 pound MKIV bomb includes three Nose Pistol Fuze (Nos. 27, 42, or 44) and side fuze pockets.

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