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August 2020

In The World of UXO Finds, The Coast is Not Clear

Dear UXOInfo.com Readers,

Our summer days are dwindling away, but UXO finds on coastlines remain frequent and abundant. It seems any day is a good day for UXO to "relax on the beach" while bomb technicians work around-the-clock to clear them.

This month we have numerous stories of beach finds, including situations in Hawaii and Taiwan where safe, alternative methods of disposal are being sought. In the case of Molokini Crater in Hawaii, the DDESB has ruled that detonation of the WWII UXO in the waters off the crater could cause possible irreversible damage to coral reefs, ocean life and the island itself.

Ordnance found along the coast or in waters off the coast poses a threat to beachgoers, fishermen, and boaters as well. For this reason we are called on to always remember the 3R's when suspicious items are encountered. With hurricane season in full force, the incidence of ordnance finds is sure to increase.

We would love to hear from you, so feel free to contact us with any questions or articles / information related to UXO that you have to share. Please enjoy this month's UXO E-Newsletter and stay safe and healthy.

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18 August 2020

EOD Called To Remove Live Missile From Airport

Lakeland, Florida A contractor at the Lakeland Linder International Airport got the shock of his day when he opened a container to find what he described as a "massive guided missile." The police were called and the airport was evacuated as an EOD team from nearby MacDill Air Force Base responded to remove the item which was deemed to be "live but not armed."

It's unclear how exactly this missile got there. According to local news reports, the container originally arrived at the airport with pieces of an aircraft inside and belonged to a company called Draken International. EOD along with support from the Lakeland Fire Department, and the ATF were able to safely relocate the ordnance from the airport.


Draken International provided the following statement to the press following the incident. "Draken International, in the process of evaluating arriving shipments discovered something questionable and potentially explosive. Adhering to the explosive safety rule of exposing the minimum amount of people for the minimum amount of time to a potential explosive hazard the decision was made to evacuate the facility and its surrounding neighbors and contact the appropriate authorities. Draken takes its role in the community seriously and always wants to ensure it performs safe and reliable operations."

3 August 2020

Bombs Found In Maoao Bay

Taipei, Taiwan A local team of Navy and Coast Guard personnel are working to develop a plan to safely dispose of 13 unexploded bombs in waters off the northeastern coast of the country in Maoao Bay. A diver spotted the ordnance and reported the find to authorities.

A search of the area yielded 13 ordnance in all at a depth of 10-13 meters near what appeared to be an airplane propeller, according to authorities. The area has been cordoned off with buoys to prevent fishing boats, divers or ships coming near the location as they develop a plan to dispose of the hazard.

27 August 2020

UXO Off Molokini Crater Will Not Be Detonated in Place

Maui, Hawaii Two WWII bombs off Molokini Crater will be left in place until a non-explosive removal option is developed, according to a statement from Hawaii's Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR). The decision not to detonate the munitions in place was reportedly based on a state-requested assessment from the Department of Defense Explosives Safety Board (DDESB).

Environmentalists, community members and lawmakers expressed concern over the detonation of WWII UXO in the waters off the crater which could cause possible irreversible damage to coral reefs, ocean life and the island itself.

DLNR Chairwoman Suzanne Case issued a reminder to dive and snorkel operators that everyone should practice the 3R's of UXO safety in the area. The state is continuing to work with the USACE to pursue a nondestructive method to remediate the hazard. For now, the items will be managed "in place," according to a DLNR news release. NOAA has updated navigation charts to notify mariners of the hazards in the area.

Note to readers - UXOInfo.com is interested in posting a copy of the referenced DDESB assessment. If you have a copy of the assessment, please email it to rhonda@uxoinfo.com for posting on the UXOInfo.com website.

11 August 2020

British EOD Clears Beach Area

East Yorkshire, United Kingdom An EOD Team from the 29th Group of Engineer Regiment 35 have been working the past few weeks to clear ordnance from a 600-acre area of Cowden Sands. The area previously served as a RAF and US Air Force practice bombing range until 1998.

The targets were situated at the top of a cliff above the beach. However, rapid erosion has led to significant amounts of ordnance being exposed on the beach. The removal work began on July 13 and the EOD team has recovered over 1,000 ordnance items with the majority being disposed of in controlled detonations.

The ordnance included practice bombs, aircraft projectiles and historic two-inch mortar rounds. The team plans to complete its mission mid-August.


A long-term plan to manage UXO on the beach is reportedly under development. In the meantime, Military officials working on the project reminded the public through interviews with reporters "that it is against the law to pick up military materials from the Mappleton/Cowden beach under the Royal Air Force Cowden Bylaws."

7 August 2020

Cannonball Find While Gardening

Teesdale, United Kingdom A woman working in her garden found what is believed to be an old cannonball, possibly dating from the English Civil War.

Concerned that the item might be dangerous, the woman wisely reported the find to the police.

The police responded along with the bomb squad who safely transported the cannonball off-site for further analysis. After carrying out multiple x-rays, the bomb squad determined it was inert.

Following the incident, the woman told reporters "it would have been lovely to keep it, but not all cannonballs were solid. Some were filled with gunpowder and made to explode, so we thought it was safer to call the emergency services."


UXO-Related History Remembered

South London Bomb Squad Call WWII

This month we feature an image from a WWII era bomb squad response in Brixton Hill in south London.

Brixton Hill

The caption associated with the photo reads "Members of the Bomb disposal squad measuring the length of a time delayed bomb taken from a shop in Brixton Hill, South London."

If you have any UXO history you would like to share including documents, images, and/or articles for posting, please send them to Rhonda at rhonda@uxoinfo.com.

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27 August 2020

WWII Ordnance is an Unwelcomed Visitor on the "Vineyard"

Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts A state police bomb squad responded to recover and dispose of unidentified military ordnance that washed on-shore on the Vineyard. The ordnance, believed to be practice rounds fired on Nomans Land prior to WWII, was safely counter-charged at the old Edgartown landfill, according to Edgartown police chief Bruce McNamee. The ordnance was recovered over the course of a weekend on South Beach in Edgartown, as well as on Wasque Beach on Chappaquiddick.

August 2020

USMC EOD Task Force Koa Moana

Article from: Defense Visual Information Distribution Services

Peleliu, Republic of Palau U.S. Marines with the explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) section with Task Force Koa Moana (TF KM) 20, I Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF), take photos of UXO and conduct a transfer of responsibly for the UXO with members of the Palau National Safety office in Peleliu, Republic of Palau. Marines and Sailors with TF KM 20, are conducting engagements in the Republic of Palau from July through September of 2020.

Koa Moana, meaning "ocean warrior," is designed to strengthen and enhance relationships between the U.S. and partner nations/states in the Indo-Pacific region, improve interoperability with local security establishments, and serve as a Humanitarian Assistance Survey Team afloat in support of U.S. Indo-Pacific Command's strategic and operational objectives.

Disclaimer - The appearance of U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) visual information does not imply or constitute DoD endorsement.
6 August 2020

Museum Intern Makes Explosive Discovery

Norfolk, Nebraska The Elkhorn Valley Museum was shut down after an intern found multiple ordnance items while reorganizing storerooms. The museum's executive director, Ashley Brown, who has a military background, contacted the Norfolk Police.

Police responded along with technical support from the Nebraska State Police bomb squad and a Nebraska Air National Guard EOD team. EOD identified multiple live ordnance items including a Mills Grenade, a WWI 37-mm round, and a 20-mm shell for an anti-aircraft gun.

EOD removed the live ordnance for proper disposal. A few ordnance items were certified as inert and were allowed to remain in the museum's permanent collection.

Project Engineer / Project Geologist Position


Ordnance Holdings, Inc. (OHI), a Hub Zone certified small business, specializing in providing Military Munitions Response Programs (MMRP) and related engineering / professional services to DoD agencies is seeking a Project Engineer / Project Geologist for a career advancing position.

The candidate will be responsible for planning, designing, and managing Military Munitions Response Program (MMRP) / UXO related contracts & projects. Work location will be based on the individual's qualifications, experience, ability to work remotely, and willingness to travel to support site walks, project needs, and client locations for marketing.

The position requires experience managing munitions response or environmental projects for federal government customers. Experience supporting USACE and/or NAVFAC contracts / projects preferred.

Candidates must be capable of managing several concurrent projects and have the ability to support proposal / marketing efforts including developing technical approaches, project schedules, and project cost estimates both at the IDIQ contract and task order level.

Continued on UXOInfo.com.

UXO Technicians I, II and III - Pinecastle, FL; Fallon, NV; and Dare, NC


Ordnance Holdings, Inc. (OHI) has multiple full-time positions for UXO Technicians I, II and III at Naval Air Station Fallon, NV; Dare, NC; and Pinecastle Range, FL. The positions to be filled are full-time multi-year (up to 5 years) positions that are located at the respective Navy installation / range.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to: 1) supporting target and impact area maintenance; 2) supporting range clearance operations (surface and subsurface); 3) processing, inspecting and verifying material potentially presenting an explosive hazard (MPPEH) and range related debris; 4) handling ordnance and explosives; 5) conducting and supporting explosive demo operations; 6) conducting range assessments; and 7) establishing exclusion zones.

Candidates must meet the qualifications outlined in Department of Defense Explosives Safety Board (DDESB) Technical Paper 18 (TP-18), Minimum Qualification for Personnel Conducting Munitions and Explosives of Concern-Related Activities, for the respective position. This includes being a graduate of a qualified UXO School and/or prior military Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) technician.

Employees must be able to lift and/or move up to 50 pounds. Strong communication skills desired. Must be knowledgeable in Navy Explosive Safety policies and practices and have working knowledge of NAVSEA OP-5 requirements.

For more information please visit OHI's website - OrdnanceHoldings.com/careers or contact OHI's Human Resource Department at hr@uxoinfo.com.

7 August 2020

Explosive Cup Holder - Man Drives Grenade To Police Station

Chattanooga, Tennessee A man drove his truck to the Hixson fire hall and informed the crew that he had a World War II Japanese hand grenade in his cup holder that he needed "help getting rid of the device."

Firefighters took precautions and evacuated the building and cleared the area to set up an exclusion zone around the item.

The Chattanooga Police Department's Bomb Squad was called to provide technical assistance in properly disposing of the grenade.

According to press releases following the incident, the fire department stated that the man reportedly found the grenade while packing his home to move. The man claimed that it belonged to his father-in-law.

29 August 2020

Father of Two Foolishly Handles WP Round

Folkstone, United Kingdom A 50-year civilian and his two sons are lucky to be alive after they found a WWII era mortar while exploring Warren Beach. After finding the mortar round, the father reportedly held the round in his hand to post a photo of it on social media.

Shortly after handling the device, his 8-year-old son noticed smoke coming from it. The dad described that moment to reporters covering the story, "I thought he was joking until I also noticed a small bit of dust like powder coming out of it when I poked my finger in the hole at the top." He went on to say "At this point, we decided it was all a bit dangerous and we buried it in the prickles and covered it up."

Luckily for the man and his kids, rain started to pour down and he and his sons ran to their vehicle nearby. In the car, the father continued to share the photo with friends until one wise friend advised him to call the Coast Guard immediately to report the find.

Authorities responded and notified an EOD team from Wast Wear Bay for technical support. EOD identified the round as a WP mortar from WWII. The round was safely detonated in place by EOD.

Filler Type and Weight
Filler: an explosive charge of Composition B or TNT.
Body Type and Weight

The 57mm HE M306A1 projectile consists of a perforated cartridge case containing a plastic liner and percussion primer. The propelling charge is loosely loaded into the liner. The cartridge case is crimped to a high explosive projectile with a square base, a short internally threaded ogive and integral, pre-engraved rotating band. The complete round w/ fuze weighs 5.46 pounds and is 17.54 inches in length.

TM 9-1300-203, Artillery Ammunition (1967)

The 57mm HE M306A1 projectile is designed for blast, fragmentation and mining. The cartridge is used with Rifles M18A1 and M18.

The 57mm HE M306A1 projectiles are fuzed with point-detonating (PD) Fuze M503A2, M503A1 or M503 which functions on direct impact or graze. There is a bourrelet on the rear of the ogive and another immediately in front of the rotating band. The cartridge is spin stabilized in flight.

The 57mm HE M306 is similar to HE M306A1 except minor differences in the design of the crimping groove.

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