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July 2007

UXO Opportunities Reminder

Hello, I wanted to formally introduce myself as UXOInfo.com's Marketing Coordinator. Over the past few months I have had the pleasure of speaking with some of you regarding ways to promote your company in the UXO industry. I have put together a short presentation about UXO opportunities, which can be downloaded from the link below. I think you will find the presentation both informative and beneficial. If you have any questions please email me at jenna@uxoinfo.com or call me at 267.295.8010. I look forward to speaking to you regarding these opportunities.

Thank you

Jenna Coven

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28 June 2007

Kirtland AFB Streamlines Munitions Response Process

Article Submitted by: Mr. Wayne Bitner, Environmental Restoration Kirtland AFB, New Mexico.

Thirty-three potential Military Munitions Response Program (MMRP) sites are located on Kirtland AFB over an area of approximately 15,812 acres. Access to most of these sites is controlled by physical factors (signage and inaccessibility), but even with these controls in place there has been occasional military and civilian exposure to UXO items located at the ground surface in the area. Because these sites are slated for future response actions under the MMRP, no attempts had been made previously to remove the UXO items.

During FY06, a Wide Area Assessment (WAA) was conducted at the Kirtland MMRP sites. A field reconnaissance carried out as part of the WAA required the assistance of EOD teams when several UXO items were encountered.

Story continued on the UXOInfo.com UXO News Wire Service - Kirtland AFB Streamlines MMRP.

29 June 2007

UXO Hampers Archeological Research Expedition

Iwo Jima, Japan - a team of researchers recently completed a 10-day expedition of the island to search for the remains of Sgt William Genaust and other U.S. military service members still considered missing. Sgt Genaust was the Marine who filmed the famous U.S. flag raising on Iwo Jima that has become a symbol of freedom. Although the team had a UXO escort with them, the large amount of UXO including unexploded grenades remaining throughout the island limited the extent of the expedition.

Despite the presence of UXO, the expedition was considered a success as the 7 member team was able to locate two previously unknown caves on southwestern side of Hill 36A where Sgt Genaust was believed to have been killed by enemy gunfire on 4 March 1945. The team was unable to search the caves themselves due to obstacles blocking the way, the potential for UXO, and the possibility of a collapse.

Reportedly, the team will recommend that a larger search party be brought in with heavy equipment to search the caves. The new team, if approved, will undoubtedly have UXO support with them during the investigation.

Vallon GmbH
Im Grund 3
72800 Eningen
Tel +49-7121-9855-0
Fax +49-7121-83643
Email: info@vallon.de
Website: http://www.vallon.de
Novel Metal Detector: VMXC1
specifically designed for UXO detection
3 search heads: slim 17x30 cm, round 30 cm dia., or 60 cm dia

Dual Sensor Detector: VMR2-MinehoundTM
designed for reduction of false alarm rate
Hand-held configuration combined detector with metal detector
and ground penetrating radar, less than 4kg weight.

Data logging and evaluation: VFC2
data recording and analysis tool
PDA based data logger for Vallon Mine and UXO detectors
You are highly welcome to visit us at:
The UXO/Countermine/Range Forum 2007
August 27-30, 2007 - Booth-No 112
JW Marriott Orlando Grande Lakes, USA
Modern Day Marine 2007
October 2-4, 2007 - Booth-No. 2234
Marine Corps Base Quantico, VA, USA
Where we will present our Systems and Tools for UXO and Mine Detection

DynCorp International is a multifaceted, global enterprise that provides innovative solutions to the diverse technology and professional services needs of government and commercial industry worldwide. DynCorp International has been selected by the United States government for the important work of removing deadly landmines and other conventional weapons from former areas of conflict around the world.

DynCorp International assists the Department of State's Office of Weapons Removal and Abatement, which manages State's portion of the multi-agency U.S. Humanitarian Mine Action Program. DynCorp International is responsible for removing conventional weapons and munitions to include landmines, unexploded ordnance (UXO), abandoned ordnance (AO), man-portable air-defense systems (MANPADS), and other small arms and light weapons (SA/LW). DynCorp International will also help countries destroy or secure their excess munitions and light conventional weapons.

For more information on DynCorp International, see their website at www.dyn-intl.com

Exhibit Hall Nearly Sold Out!

Register now for the UXO/Countermine/Range Forum 2007TM to be a part of this record breaking year. Attendance is ahead of last year and few exhibit booths remain! This year offers a golf tournament at the beautiful Ritz-Carlton Golf Club to kick off the conference on Monday, August 27.

The UXO/Countermine/Range Forum 2007TM assembles the best researchers, developers, policy-makers, and program planners from industry, government, and contractors to showcase cutting-edge technologies, ideas, programs and partnerships. The most difficult challenges in countering explosive threats will be addressed in technical speeches, presentations, exhibits, and networking events at The Forum 2007TM. A special Classified Session on IED Defeat Briefing will be held off site at Shades of Green Resort on Thursday, August 30, to explore the military's current advancements to protect our troops on the front line.

An exceptional program is planned to showcase the latest technologies, products, and services in the UXO, countermine, and range areas. More than 100 exhibitors from industry and government agencies worldwide will present the latest products and services. If you are military, government, or contractor personnel charged with strategic policy development and programming or developing and presenting relevant technologies and solutions, you cannot afford to miss this conference! For more information on the UXO/Countermine/Range Forum 2007TM, please visit the conference website at http://www.theforum2007.com.

Schonstedt Instrument Company is the world's leading manufacturer of hand-held Fluxgate magnetometers for UXO and weapons detection. Schonstedt magnetic locators find ferrous metal targets used in landmines, buried ordnance, other munitions and explosives of concern (MEC), and hidden weapons. They have been tested and proven by the US military, private contractors and NGOs in military and humanitarian de-mining operations around the globe. For a 1-page overview of the company's magnetic locator product line, go to www.findordnance.com

Schonstedt Instrument Company
100 Edmond Road
Kearneysville, WV 25430
Contact: Tylee Ulmer
Tel: +1 304 725 1050 (ext. 4718)
Tel: +1 800 999 8280 (USA Toll Free)
Fax: +1 304 725 1095
Email: info@schonstedt.com
URL: www.findordnance.com

Ontario Drive & Gear
220 Bergey Court
New Hamburg,ON.N3A 2J5,Canada
Tel. 519-662-2840

Ontario Drive & Gear Limited (ODG), the world renowned amphibious vehicle producer, is looking to increase its contribution to mine clearing efforts and UXO removal. Founded in 1962, ODG is responsible for the design and manufacture of the highly respected 8x8 ARGO and Centaur. These versatile all-season vehicles have been adapted to suit a remarkably wide range of custom applications with the most recent being UXO removal and detection. Having served for decades in some of the globe's most treacherous and remote regions it is no wonder that both the ARGO and the Centaur have been hailed the most reliable off-road vehicles available on the market. If you are interested in exploring the possibility of using the ARGO or Centaur for landmine detection or as a platform for your UXO identification equipment, please click here for more information, visit www.ARGOatv.com or contact marketing@odg.com.

Information websites:
www.odg.com;    www.centaur8x8.ca;    www.ARGOatv.com

Dates: October 9th - October 11th, 2007
Location: World Trade and Convention Centre, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Website: http://www.seadumpedmunitions.com
Email POC: Mr. Terry Long tlong@dcsltd.ca

Hosted by the Canadian firm Decommissioning Consulting Services (DCS) Limited, The First Chemical and Conventional Munitions Dumped at Sea Conference offers professional developers from Canada and around the globe facing a growing concern about sea dumped munitions the perfect opportunity to network and learn about cutting edge products and services representing the latest technological innovations in this field.

Chemical and Conventional Munitions Dumped at Sea Conference assembles the best researchers, developers, policy-makers, and program planners from industry, government, and academics to showcase cutting-edge technologies, ideas, programs and the opportunity to develop partnerships. The most difficult challenges with Sea Dumped Munitions will be addressed in technical presentations, exhibits, speeches, and networking events at the Conference. An exceptional program is planned to showcase the latest technologies, products, and services in the UXO industry. Comprehensive technical presentations will offer the latest in the UXO industry including marine detection, environmental aspects, recovery options, risk management and mitigation, destructive and non-destructive technologies.

Brought to you by:

ITJewell, a proven leader in technology integration and data processing, has over 6 years experience in integrating high technology solutions for the marine environment to meet the needs of technology-based companies. ITJewell's experience in data capturing and processing experience and expertise in the marine environment lead to the recent successful completion of a magnetic survey of the Army's UXO Shallow Water Technology Demonstration site at APG, Maryland.

ITJewell is ready to support your UXO needs from initial historical and baseline environmental studies, environmental sampling, to marine base geophysical surveys. For more information on ITJewell see the company website at www.itjewell.com or email eng.2@itjewell.com

Information on Corporate Sponsorships opportunities can be found on the Advertising Information Page. To sign up as a Corporate Sponsor, please email the UXOInfo.com Marketing Coordinator - Jenna at jenna@uxoinfo.com.

11 July 2007

Park Rangers Discover UXO in National Forest

Oscoda, Michigan - Two U.S. Forest Service personnel conducting a land survey in the Huron National Forest discovered a UXO in the middle of a forest road. The park rangers called the Michigan State Police Bomb Squad who responded to the scene. The bomb squad called in military EOD for support since the munition item was of military origin. EOD responded and disposed of the item through open detonation. An image of the discovered UXO is shown to the right which appears to be a WWII era AN/Mk3 practice bomb that contains a red phosphorus spotting charge.

Story continued on the UXOInfo.com UXO News Wire Service - Park Rangers Discover UXO.

05 July 2007

WWII German Torpedo Tube Washes Up On Beach

North Berwick Beach, East Lothian, Scotland - A man walking along the beach near the 13th green of the West Links golf course came across a large metal tube (4 ft long and 1 ft wide) half covered in the sand. Concerned that the item may be ordnance related, the man reported the find to the North Berwick police. The police responded to the scene and using a camera phone, they sent a picture of the item to the EOD unit based out of Faslane British Royal Navy Base in Scotland.

An officer from the EOD unit identified the item as the midsection of a WWII German torpedo. EOD responded and rendered the item safe. Authorities then removed the remnants of the torpedo tube and transported them to a scrap metal recycling facility for processing.

07 July 2007

WWII Era Bomb Found On Florida Beach

St. Augustine, Florida- A 58 year old woman walking her dog along Crescent Beach discovered a strange object covered in seaweed along the shoreline. Curious, the woman reportedly removed the seaweed from the item and quickly noticed that it looked like ordnance. She then backed away from the item and called authorities. The local police responded and called in support from a Navy EOD unit.

The UXO was identified as a WWII-era 100 lbs bomb. Authorities are unsure how the UXO ended up on the beach but they believe it was dropped during the WW-II time frame when the northeast Florida coast was routinely patrolled by U.S. aircraft. A county backhoe was used to dig an 8-foot hole on the beach. The bomb was then moved to the hole and covered with sand and sandbags for disposal. The bomb was disposed of through a controlled detonation without incident. Nearby homes were evacuated during the response as a safety precaution. The disposal shot is shown in the image to the right.

17 July 2007

Unexploded Military Flare Washes Ashore

Cape May, New Jersey - Lifeguards patrolling a beach area known as "The Cove" discovered an item that appeared to resemble a military mortar. Believing the item was safe to move, the lifeguards transported the 18" long item to the Beach Patrol Headquarters. The lifeguards then called police who responded along with the Atlantic City Bomb Squad.

The bomb squad identified the item as an unexploded white phosphorus military flare. Reportedly, the flare body was pitted indicating that it was old. Authorities did not release the exact MK/Mod or nomenclature of the flare and did not indicate how old they thought the military flare was or how the flare may have ended up on the beach.

Story continued on the UXOInfo.com UXO News Wire Service - Cape May, NJ Flare Found on Beach.

Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technical Advisor- Kabul, Afghanistan

The Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Technical Advisor (TA) will assist in advising, training and overseeing the EOD aspects of the US Department of State's Weapons Removal and Abatement (WRA) Program.

To view the rest of the description and job requirements Click Here.

Senior Demining Technical Advisor - Kabul, Afghanistan

The Senior Demining Technical Advisor will be overall responsible for advising, training and overseeing the demining aspects of the US Department of State's Weapons Removal and Abatement (WRA) Program.

To view the rest of the description and job requirements Click Here.

Senior Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Technical Advisor (TA) - Kabul, Afghanistan

The Senior Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Technical Advisor will be overall responsible for advising, training and overseeing the EOD aspects of the US Department of State's Weapons Removal and Abatement (WRA) Program.

To view the rest of the description and job requirements Click Here.

Mine Detection Dog (MDD) Trainer and Technical Advisor (TA) - Kabul, Afghanistan

The Mine Detecting Dog (MDD) Trainer and Technical Advisor (TA) will assist in advising, training and overseeing the MDD aspects of the US Department of State's Weapons Removal and Abatement (WRA) Program.

To view the rest of the description and job requirements Click Here.

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U.S. M83 Submunition (4lbs fragmentation bomb)
Munition Type
U.S. Bomb Frag M83 Submunition (Formerly T11)
Filler Type and Weight
Contains 7 ounces of TNT
Body Type and Weight
The M83 has overall weight of approximately 4 pounds.
Declassified Archives Document - NAVORD OCL AV14-44 May 1944
The M83 submunition is a fragmentation producing munition weighing a total of 4 pounds. The M83 has a cylindrical body, 3.25" long with a 3" diameter. The submunition has two spring-activated semi -cylindrical case sides and two canted, spring-activated case ends. The case sides and case ends are folded down over the body when in its packed or collapsed state. In this state, the M83 resembles a tin can with a wire coming out of the side. The M83 is loaded with 7 ounces of high explosive TNT and fuzed with the M129, M130, or M131 fuze, which is attached to the cable assembly. M83 submunitions are deployed in Cluster Bomb Units (CBUs) in either a 100lbs (M28) or 500 lbs (M29) configuration (see UXO 101 Article below). Functioning - when released from the cluster, the submunition case springs back which slows the fall of the submunition while creating a counter-clockwise spin therby initiating the arming of the submunition fuze.

UXO 101 - Deploying M83 Submunitions in M28 and M29 Cluster Bomb Units

M83 submunitions, the Munition Item of the Month, are deployed in Cluster Bomb Units (CBUs). Two such CBUs that are designed to hold M83 submunitions include the M28 and the M29.

The M28 CBU weighs approximately 100 lbs and comes pre-packaged with 24 M83 submunitions all with the same style fuze. The M111A2 fuze for the CBU itself is shipped separately and installed before the CBU is loaded onto the aircraft. A fully loaded M28 (formerly T10) CBU is shown in the image below and to the left.

The M29 CBU houses 90 M83 submunitions that are shipped separately from the CBU and CBU fuze. For the M29 CBU, the M83 submunitions are shipped in "wafers" / cluster sections. Each wafer consists of ten M83 submunitions all fuzed with the same type of fuze packaged so that the case sides and case ends are kept closed by contact. Each wafer section is bound with a metal strap and packaged in a flat metal container. Nine sections are required to fill the cluster. Any desired combination of fuzing is obtained by varying the fuze configuration associated with each wafer. The M29 (formerly T11) CBU with its cluster shell open exposing the 90 - M83 submunitions inside is shown in the image below and to the right.

The opening of both the M28 and M29 CBU is controlled by the M111A2 mechanical time fuze that can be pre-set to deploy at a selected time between 5 and 92 seconds. When released from the aircraft, an arming wire is pulled free from the fuze allowing its vanes to rotate. When the pre-set time elapses, the fuze functions a burster charge inside of the CBU thus blowing open the cluster cover and allowing the M83 submunitions to drop out. A M111A2 mechanical fuze (without the vanes attached) is shown in the image below and to the left. As the M-83 submunitions drop free out of the cluster and fall free to the ground, they spring open as described in the Munition item of the Month article above. A M83 submunition in this state is shown in the image below and to the right.

The CBUs are dropped at an altitude between 2,000 and 5,000 feet with fuze settings typically between 5 and 8 seconds respectively. When deployed within this altitude range, the M28 produces and average fall pattern approximately 150 feet wide and 260 feet long.

Source - Declassified National Archives Document NAVORD OCL AV14-44, dated 31 may 1944.

From the Front Lines - Iraq and Afghanistan
10 July 2007

Two Munitions Contractors Killed

Iraq - Two contractors supporting the USACE Huntsville District managed Coalition Munitions Clearance Program were killed when their vehicle was hit by an IED. A third contractor was injured during the incident. The extent of the injuries sustained by the contractor were not reported. The names of the victims were also not reported pending notification of next of kin.

18 July 2007

Navy EOD Chief Petty Officer Killed By IED

Iraq - A 38-year-old Navy EOD technician from Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, Washington state was killed by a roadside bomb. Chief Petty Officer Pat Wade reportedly died when a roadside bomb he was working to clear exploded. Chief Petty Officer Wade has been in Iraq for approximately two months. He is survived by his wife and two young daughters.

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