New Jersey Quakers Do Their Part to Clear UXO

Woodstown, New Jersey Members of the Woodstown Quakers are making a difference in the UXO and cluster munition problem in the tiny town of Gharm, Tajikistan (a former republic of the Soviet Union). Although they are located several thousand miles away, the Quakers have raised enough money to purchase several magnetic locators from Schonstedt for use in United Nations (U.N.) UXO efforts in Tajikistan.

The Quakers got the idea to raise money for UXO detectors after one of their members, a land surveyor by trade, attended the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping trade show in St. Louis last March. Already familiar with magnetic survey equipment from his work as a surveyor, Frank Lenik visited the Schonstedt booth at the conference. There he learned about the use of the instruments for humanitarian demining and UXO clearance purposes. After returning from the conference, Frank briefed the other members from his church and they decided to start a fund raising campaign to do their part in helping out with the UXO problem.

Schonstedt provided the sensors to the Quakers at a discounted rate and also donated an extra sensor to the U.N. program at no cost. In all, Schonstedt and its customers have furnished 50 detectors to the U.N. demining operations around the world.

A description of the donation program in its current form can be found at

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