Cemetery Expansion Reveals Buried WWII UXO

Orendi, Malta  Workers excavating an area in effort to expand a cemetery unearthed a large UXO item. The workers immediately called local authorities who responded with members of the Armed Forces of Malta (AFM) 3rd Regiment EOD team based out of Fort Mosta. The EOD unit reportedly identified the UXO as a German 500 kg aerial bomb. The bomb was rendered safe and moved for disposal. Oddly enough, plans call for the bomb to be disposed of by dumping at sea now that it is safe to move, a practice abandoned by most other countries.


Bosnian Government Extends EOD Support in Iraq

Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina  The Bosnian Government announced that it would extend its commitment to provide EOD support in Iraq through 2007. Bosnia has been providing EOD support for the past 2 years through a 36 member team. Before extending their commitment, the Bosnia EOD support was scheduled to wrap up in April when the current EOD team deployed in Iraq is scheduled to return home. The current Bosnian EOD team is supporting UXO operations in the West Zone of Iraq near Fallijah.

City Refuse Worker Finds More than Just Trash

Honolulu, Hawaii  A city refuse worker collecting garbage on his usual route found what appeared to him to be an old munition item. Instead of calling authorities directly, he decided to pick the item up and take it to the local fire station. Firefighters from the Manoa fire station instructed him to place the item on the ground. The firefighters then called police and the Army EOD unit from Schofield Barracks for technical support. The Army EOD unit responded and safely removed the item which was identified as a WWII era UXO.


Army One Step Closer to Expanding Fort Carson Maneuver Range

Fort Carson, Colorado  The Army announced that it will seek to acquire up to 418,000 acres of land to expand the Pinon Canyon Maneuver Range Area. The announcement came about 2 weeks after the office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Acquisition, Technology & Logistics) granted the Army a waiver from the Major Land Acquisition Moratorium.


CWM Munitions Images Added to UXO Photo Library

UXOInfo.com Website Update -- A series of CWM munitions related images including several images of Chemical Agent Identification Set (CAIS) bottles were added to the UXO Photo Gallery. To view the new images click on the photo gallery link on the menu on the right then select the chemical category.

If you have any data or images related to ordnance including CWM to add to the library please email them to information@uxoinfo.com Thank you.

Rocket Found By Fisherman

Chilliwack, British Columbia  A fisherman from the Soowahile First Nation (a tribe) caught more than just fish in his nets while out on the Chilliwack River. The fisherman pulled up a 3.5 inch rocket. A local Canadian EOD unit was called in to provide technical ordnance support. Canadian EOD identified the item a 3.5 inch bazooka round with an inert warhead which posed no explosives safety threat. It is believed that the bazooka round came from a former range on the Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Chilliwack.


Classic / Historical UXO Related Images Added to the Photo Library

We have uploaded the first series of UXO images that were donated to us by a UXOInfo.com user who found them at the National Archives in Washington, D.C. The images can be viewed in the UXO Photo Gallery which can be accessed from the link on the menu on the right. Click on the classic category to view the newly added images. Other images and documents will be uploaded as we continue to go through the donated material and organize it. We are looking for other unclassified (new or old) UXO related documents, reports, and images to add to the library. If you have any data to donate, please email the items to information@uxoinfo.com Thank you.

Bill Introduced in Congress to Place Restrictions on Submunition Sales

Washington, D.C  Senators Dianne Feinstein (D-Ca) and Patrick Leahy (D-VT) announced that they have introduced legislation to restrict U.S. Federal funds for the use, sale or transfer of cluster bombs (i.e. submunitions) unless specified that they will only be used against clearly defined military targets and not where civilians are to known to be present or areas normally inhabited. It would also restrict the sale or transfer of cluster bombs with a failure rate if more that one percent.


Collection of Historic UXO Reports and Images Recently Donated

UXOInfo.com recently received a large donation of UXO related reports, documents, and images from a user who specializes in ordnance and munitions related research. The majority of the documents and images are directly from the National Archives, which have all been declassified. Over the next couple of months, we will be uploading the information to the UXO Document Library and UXO Photo Gallery. We will also be creating feature articles from some of the more interesting historic documents.

The two images below are examples of the types of images that were donated. The first image taken in August 1952 at Camp Edwards, Massachusetts shows two EOD soldiers training on a 150lbs bomb at the bottom of a large pit. The second image taken in July 1942 shows members of an EOD unit being trained in Puerto Rico on the process of uncovering buried UXO.

UXOInfo.com is very excited about the information donation and we look forward to posting the data for all users to access. If you have any unclassified images, documents, and reports on UXO that you would like to donate to our free on-line UXO document library and UXO photo gallery please email them to information@uxoifno.com.

Artillery Blocks Landowner from Developing

Ouray, Colorado  A Texas native who owns a 5-acre parcel of land off of Red Mountain Pass located in southwestern Colorado was denied the right by the local county zoning board to build a residential home on the property. The property development request was turned down because according to county, it would be 'a substantial impairment to the public good.'

As it turns out, the property sits within the surface danger zone (SDZ) of a 155mm howitzer gun that is used for avalanche control. Colorado Department of Transportation officials are concerned that it would be too dangerous for the occupants of the house to fire 155mm high explosive shells over the house and that the resulting nearby explosions could also result in extensive property damage including broken windows and glass.


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