Collection of Historic UXO Reports and Images Recently Donated recently received a large donation of UXO related reports, documents, and images from a user who specializes in ordnance and munitions related research. The majority of the documents and images are directly from the National Archives, which have all been declassified. Over the next couple of months, we will be uploading the information to the UXO Document Library and UXO Photo Gallery. We will also be creating feature articles from some of the more interesting historic documents.

The two images below are examples of the types of images that were donated. The first image taken in August 1952 at Camp Edwards, Massachusetts shows two EOD soldiers training on a 150lbs bomb at the bottom of a large pit. The second image taken in July 1942 shows members of an EOD unit being trained in Puerto Rico on the process of uncovering buried UXO. is very excited about the information donation and we look forward to posting the data for all users to access. If you have any unclassified images, documents, and reports on UXO that you would like to donate to our free on-line UXO document library and UXO photo gallery please email them to

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