UXO Harbor Cleanup Case to Be Heard Australian Supreme Court

Albany, Australia -The Australian Supreme Court has agreed to hear the case of a long-running dispute over who is financially responsible for the cleanup of WWII era UXO in the Albany harbor. The Albany Port Authority claims that the Defense Department should be liable for the costs. The Defense Department has claimed since the first UXO was discovered in 2001, that they are not responsible for the costs. The trial is set to last four weeks and with legal bills mounting for the past six years, the decision is expected to be contentious at best.

Jon's Gravatar 26 June 2007 -- Reportedly, the legal dispute over UXO cleanup costs associated with WWII era UXO in the Albany Harbor has been settled. Half-way through the 4-week case, the Defense Department negotiated a settlement with the Albany Port Authority. Under the settlement, the commonwealth agreed to pay $5.25M for past and future dredging and UXO cleanup costs as well as $1M for legal fees. The agreement also requires the port to indemnify the commonwealth against any future claims.
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