Updated DoD Contractor's Safety Manual 4145.26M Released

DoD released an updated version of the Contractor's Safety Manual For Ammunition and Explosives (AE), DoD 4145.26-M. The Manual provides safety standards for private industry contractors conducting AE operations and facilities performing AE work or AE services under DoD contracts, subcontracts, purchase orders, or other procurement methods.

The manual applies to UXO sites where explosives are stored, handled or used. While there are sections related to manufacturing facilities and AE building design and layout that do not necessarily apply directly to most UXO clearance sites, other chapters or sections including sections on safety, storage, collection and destruction of AE do apply to UXO sites.

The March 13, 2008 version of DoD 4145.26M, which can be viewed using the download like below, supersedes the version issued almost a decade ago on September 16, 1997.

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