More WWII Munitions Uncovered During Dredging Operations

Miami, Florida Workers dredging the Miami River found additional munitions items including what was reported as a large shell and a flare. This is the second find of munitions for the project. In April, dredging crews found several WWII era .50 caliber casings and 40mm practice projectiles.

The Miami-Dade police bomb disposal squad responded to both incidents and provided technical support in disposing of the munitions. After the first munitions were found, the contractor fitted the operator's cabin with thick plexiglass as a safety precaution before dredging operations resumed. After this latest munitions find, the USACE Jacksonville District temporarily suspended dredging operations pending a further investigation into the potential explosive safety hazards at the site. They also plan to examine to the 3,000 cubic yards of stockpiled sediment dredged from the river before trucking it to a landfill.

The munitions were pulled form sediment dredged from the area near the Merrill-Stevens shipyard. Authorities suspect that the ordnance may have originated from the shipyard during the 1940s when they were building and repairing ships for the Navy during the war. Reportedly, PT boats were also were built along the Miami River and tested in South Florida waters. The area was last dredged back in 1933.

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