Making Sense of UXO and MC From Live Fire Training

The current version of the National Defense Authorization Act for 2009 being debated in Congress provides some interesting language on the impacts of live fire training. Section 359 "Sense of Congress Regarding Procurement and Use of Munitions" of HR 5658 requires that with respect to decisions on the procurement of munitions, DoD develop methods to "account for the full life-cycle costs of munitions, including the effects of failure rates on the cost of disposal"; and undertake a review of live-fire practices for the purpose of reducing UXO and munitions constituent (MC) contamination without impeding military readiness.

No guidance is provided on how this "sense" specifically factors into the decision / budgeting process and there are also no reporting requirements or goals listed as far as reducing the number of UXO and amount of MC potentially created or deposited as a result of live-fire training exercises. Without specific guidance, goals, and budgets established to reduce the number of UXO and amount of MC, this language appears to be nothing more than "feel good" language.

Use the download link below to view the language from Section 314 of HR 5658.

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