Congress Considering UXO Technology Transfer Initiatives

The current version of the national Defense Authorization Act for 2009 being debated in Congress provides some interesting new guidance on how DoD's research, development, test and evaluation (RDT&E) funds related to UXO technology can be spent. Section 314 of HR 5658 allows DoD to utilize a portion of the funds allocated for RDT&E activities to assist in the training of UXO detection equipment operators on the use of new instruments. The funds can be used on DoD funded technologies as well as technologies "developed by entities other than the DoD". A specific percent or vale (i.e., minimum or maximum ceiling) was not provided in the language itself.

The DoD would also be required to submit a new report to Congress (no later than 01 February 2009) on UXO technology investments and technology transition. The report will summarize technology investments and activities taken to transition technologies and train operators on emerging technologies. The report to Congress will also be required to identify impediments to technology transfer, provide a list of technologies transferred to private industry, and list the activities undertaken to raise public awareness on UXO.

It will be interesting to see if these new changes (if adopted) have any impact on the technology transfer process for UXO related technologies developed and funded by DoD. For the past decade or more, the technology transfer process has been a significant challenge for DoD. Only a few technologies have actually made it through the DoD's development process and actually transition successfully to the commercial market place.

Use the download link below to view the language from Section 314 of HR 5658.

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