UXO Technician Level 1 Training In Canada

AMEC - UXO Course


Next Class: 26 April - 31 May 2010

AMEC and the University of New Brunswick partner
to create the first UXO Level 1 Training in Canada

In 2005, DND created the Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) and Legacy Sites Program to manage UXO risk on behalf of DND at legacy sites, both on land and offshore. The program was created to address a known problem:

  • With numerous former military sites having the potential to contain UXO and with the legal liability that such conditions represent for DND, Senior Management in DND created the UXO and Legacy Sites Program to manage UXO on those sites.
  • Former training areas are being encroached upon by expanding urban populations.
  • These issues cannot be left to chance or the occasional clearance project - there needs to be consistency and there needs to be a comprehensive and enduring DND UXO Program.

There are hundreds of known Potential Land-Based UXO Legacy Sites and numerous Priority Offshore Sites within Canada and the Territories.p>

There is a critical shortage of UXO Technicians at present and no training program or civilian institution presently providing this training in Canada to the general public to meet this skill set shortage.


AMEC and UNB are pleased to announce they are accepting registrations for their Spring Course. The training will take place at the University of New Brunswick and delivered by very experienced AMEC EOD Instructors. This course is accredited by the University of New Brunswick. Successful graduates are approved to work on UXO sites in Canada.

The course is priced competitively with others in the United States and is offered with or without accommodations.

The next UXO Level 1 class is scheduled to begin 26 April with graduation to take place 31 May 2010

For more details and how to enroll in the program:

CALL ELLEN STEWART AT (506) 458-7619

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