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Bonetti Explosives is a company that caters to the UXO industry and beyond. We provide many products and services that meet the demands of our customers like never before. Just a few of these include specialized moldable binary explosives, munitions debris recycling, and training for law enforcement and technicians.

Moldable Binary Explosives

When it comes to explosives, you should think about safety, low shipping cost, no storage requirements, high brisance, low price, versatility and reliability. Mattanite, Bonetti's binary explosive offers all of these features and more. You will soon learn that Mattanite is the ideal explosive for all of your UXO projects.

Munition Debris Recycling

Improper demilitarization and recycling of military scrap and munitions debris has led to one of the largest and most fatal problems for the UXO industry. Bonetti's professional staff of seasoned UXO/EOD personnel know how to properly and safely recycle military scrap and munitions debris thereby eliminating risk to our clients. For the transition of munitions debris to civilian recycling, let Bonetti handle your scrap.

Training Services

At Bonetti we have also made it a point to educate civilians, technicians and law enforcement personnel about explosives with an up close and personal, but safe approach. At our demo range, our facility offers a fun, safe and comfortable environment for learning. An onsite mock meth lab for Law Enforcement, an indirect viewing bunker for technicians and a large area for explosive demonstration are only some of what Bonetti's training center offers.

At Bonetti Explosives we have the personnel, the products, and the drive to help you maintain the competitive edge. Please visit us online at or call us at (979) 739-5597 to learn more.

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