UXO Awareness Training Scheduled for Nantucket

Nantucket, Massachusetts The USACE New England District plans to hold public UXO safety awareness training this month to educate area residents on the hazards of UXO associated with the Nantucket Beach FUDS. The FUDS is located in the Tom Nevers Area and consists of approximately 2,900 acres of land. The land was initially leased by the U.S. Government from September 1943 until June 30 1946 to support operations at the Quonset Naval Air Station including aerial rocket and gunnery training.

Three ranges were used in the area during the 1940s including the Nantucket Beach aerial rocket range which is currently owned by the Nantucket Conservation Foundation, Town of Nantucket, Land Bank Commission and private owners. Portions of the site are publicly accessible.

The USACE also released an information brochure on UXO awareness for the area which can be viewed using the download link below. The UXO awareness meeting is scheduled for 28 September at the Nantucket High School cafeteria at 10 Surfside Road. The meeting is open to the public.

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