Explosives Courses Offer Civilians Valuable Training

Columbus, Texas Explosives training courses have traditionally been focused towards EOD/UXO and law enforcement personnel. However, in these days of increased terrorist threats from IEDs focused on civilian targets both in the U.S. and aboard, the need exists for explosives awareness training for civilians. Bonetti Explosives is meeting that need through the Explosives Awareness Course. The class is designed to provide civilians a firsthand look at what explosives look like and what they are capable of doing. The course is designed to help students recognize explosive components such as detonators and det-cord as well as various types of common explosives used by terrorist so that they can better inform the police and investigators if they encounter any future threats.

A recent student of the course, Larissa Lindsay, a security specialist for Planned Parenthood, had this to say about the class, "Realizing that hearing about "explosive devices" on the news was not going to help me recognize and understand them, I was happy to discover Bonetti Explosives. While there are various internet articles, training modules, and videos about explosives, I was searching for a place where a civilian could hear, see, and ask questions. I was not disappointed in the least. The value in seeing the components, understanding the terms, being exposed to types, shapes, different sounds, and to experience the damage was invaluable. Owners Matt Barnett and his wife Gina are ordnance professionals, and it shows. I have recommended this class to both civilian and law enforcement colleagues. One step in preventing an act is to understand the principles. I got more than I paid for".

The explosives awareness course can be tailored to meet the needs of the students. For example, a course given to members of a private security firm included a mock office setting with a small explosive device placed on a desk. The aftermath was a grim reminder of what such a small amount of explosives is capable of doing when in the wrong hands. The course also reviews proper security measures for UXO which represents a hazard in more ways than just to the unsuspecting passerby.

With the violence on the U.S. and Mexican border growing all the time and terrorism worldwide escalating, it is important for people to recognize what could be a dangerous situation. It is important for all members of our society to be on the same page with understanding the threat associated with the misuse of explosives.

For more information on the Explosives Awareness Course, please contact Matt or Gina Barnett at (979) 739-5597 or visit Bonetti Explosives online at www.bonettiexplosives.com.

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