UXO Impacts Underwater Pipeline, Government Denies Assistance

UXO Impacts Underwater Pipeline Path, Government Denies Assistance

Canberra, Australia The Australian Department of Defence announced that it will not provide technical assistance to address UXO in the Timor Sea to support the construction of an underwater gas pipeline through the area. The 550-mile pipeline, under development by a Japanese oil and gas company, is designed to connect the Ichtys Field to a processing plant in Darwin.

Normally when UXO is found, the government provides technical support to address the hazard but in this case, the Australian Government contends that the company is aware of the potential for UXO in the area and therefore accepts the risk. To date, six bombs have been found with the potential for more as the project progresses. The Japanese Oil and Gas company has hired a contractor to address the UXO issue in the area.

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