Man Has Live Grenade Removed from Leg by EOD

Birmingham, Alabama Army EOD Technicians from Fort Benning rushed to the aid of a 62-year-old man who accidentally fired an entire undetonated 40-mm grenade into his leg. The man and two paramedics were held outside hospital for eight hours following instructions from the EOD that one move could kill them all. Eventually, the team decided to have a disposal specialist attempt to remove the device from the man's leg.

Doctors at the clinic where the man first reported his injury stated that the victim thought the item was a novelty grenade and for some reason decided to "hit it with a hammer". At first they thought his wounds were the result of a piece of shrapnel but realized during transport to a shock trauma facility that it was indeed the actual 40mm grenade. The grenade reportedly failed to detonate because it did not travel far enough to arm itself when it became lodged in his leg.

The area outside the emergency room was cordoned off as an Army EOD specialist carefully removed the grenade in a 30-minute procedure which could have been fatal for the man and everyone else in the area if a detonation occurred. The two paramedics who had been with the man, opted to stay for the procedure and were provided with protective body armor. Amazingly no further injuries occurred and the grenade was safely removed.

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