Senator Demands Answers For UXO In Scrap Yard

Washington, D.C. Senator McCain (R-AZ) submitted a letter to the Secretary of Defense demanding answers following the accidental death of a scrap metal worker in his home state from UXO. The worker, Daniel Wright, 46, died in the explosion where he worked at the Tucson Iron and Metal yard.

In the letter, Senator McCain asks for an explanation as to how a 500-pound MK 82 bomb wound up in a scrap yard and requested an explanation of what methods DoD has in place to educate the public about the risks of UXO.

In the letter, which can be downloaded using the link below, McCain states that it is "imperative for the DoD to explain how this UXO made its way into a civilian place of business.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that the UXO originated from an illegal metal scrapping operation and not associated with a DoD contract.

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