What A Catch - Fishing Trawler Snags Bomb

South Shields, United Kingdom The crew aboard the fishing trawler, Ticino, though they had a nice size catch in their nets based upon the weight but were shocked to find out that the 'big catch' was actually a bomb. The trawler was reportedly fishing 3-miles off of Souter Point when they caught the bomb in the nets.

The boat's Captain radioed the Coastguard to report the unusual find. The Coastguard sent a ship to the area and helped to safely navigate the bomb laden vessel to the Whitley Bay where an EOD team from the Royal Navy was waiting. EOD inspected the bomb and identified as it WWII era British bomb that was likely jettisoned from a bomber returning from a mission.

EOD safely removed the bomb from the nets and lowered the bomb back into the water. EOD divers then set up an underwater counter-charge as the fishing vessel and Coastguard ship exited the area. EOD safely set off the underwater counter charge disposing the bomb in the process.

Video Link of the disposal shot.

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