Grenade Launcher Explosion Ruled An Accident

Bacolod City, Philippines An explosion inside the shop of the EOD Battalion of the Philippine Army at the Negros Occidental Provincial Police Office compound in Bacolod City which killed one soldier and wounded another has been ruled an accident. Technical Sergeant Joven Maravilla and Corporal Erlwin Trases were conducting a demilitarization procedure of an M203 grenade launcher when it exploded.

Both men were taken to a hospital where Maravilla was pronounced dead. Trases suffered multiple wounds and the loss of his right hand.

A Senior Inspector for Police Station 4 in Bacolod City, concluded that the M203 grenade launcher exploded when the two soldiers were about to dismantle it outside their barracks. The two were the only persons inside the EOD shop when the explosion occurred. However, Maravilla's 10-year old son was outside of the shop at the time of the incident. The report found that Maravilla covered the grenade launcher with his own body moments before the explosion. Inspectors believe he did so to protect his son standing outside of the shop.

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