UXO Guest Author - Ward Stern

"For over thirty years; all of my professional energies have remained focused toward the effective practice of the various facets of the art of Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD)." This has been my professional motto for some time.

Natural mechanical dexterity ability and an aptitude allowing rapid comprehension of complex technical material prompted me early in my military career to pursue and be accepted into the military Explosive Ordnance Disposal community.

Successive promotions and directing attention to the details allowed for a subsequent award of an additional Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) and commensurate assignment duties as a US Army Ammunition Quality Assurance Inspector.

On departure from the US Army the traveling experiences from a decade of military assignments brought on a desire to continue traveling as I pursued civilian UXO remediation, materials reclamation and demining employment opportunities. Through my involvement in overseas employment contracts that required the knowledge and expertise of the high hazard abatement skills I had acquired while in the military, I was able to continue to visit various countries.

I have found that communicating my experiences through writing and photography to be exhilarating and enjoyable. These passions have directly influenced me to pursue professional opportunities that allow enjoyment of both. Instructing, curriculum development, publishing training aids and writing articles relevant to areas of my possessed Subject Matter Expertise (SME) and experiences gained have continued to provide enjoyable pursuits. Several of my published photographic images as well as articles I have written on high hazard operations related topics are available on-line at UXOInfo.com.

More recently I am pursuing writing and image publishing projects with a wider appeal that will allow for an expansion of my reader base. I am also building my web presence through two web sites currently in development. I am expanding my fields of interest toward topics relating to individual self sufficiency articles and self help instructional images for publication. I am open to discussion on the topics of writing and image publication. My email address is wrstern@tecoptic.com.

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