Worked Killed From UXO At Scrap Yard

Tucson, Arizona A worker at Tucson Iron and Metal was killed when the metal scrap pile he was cutting into exploded. Police were first notified of the accident when a South Tucson police officer was flagged down as he was driving a few blocks from the scrap yard around the time of the explosion.

Authorities determined that the man was cutting into military ordnance when the explosion occurred. The man reportedly died instantly and no one else was injured. Officials from nearby Davis-Monthan Air Force Base responded to perform a check of the area. No additional live munition items were found and they reported "no missing ordnance" from their inventory. However, the UXO was likely from a range area which explains why it was not listed as "missing" as once expended / fired, a munition is no longer tracked.

The type of munition involved was not reported and authorities are investigating to determine how the UXO ended up in the scrap yard. At this early point in the investigation, the munition has NOT been positively linked to the nearby Air Force Base or an Air Force contract. Interesting enough, the incident is not even posted on the Davis-Monthan AFB website despite the base sending personnel to assist in the investigation.

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