Louisiana Legislature To Debate Proposed Ban on Opening Burning

Baton Rouge, Louisiana State Representatives Gene Reynolds (D-Minden) and Terry Brown (I-Colfax) have filed House Bill 11 for next year's Louisiana legislative session which states that the secretary of the Department of Environmental Quality can't grant a "permit, license, variance or compliance schedule that authorizes, nor shall the secretary allow in any manner, the open burning of any munitions or waste explosives."

The proposed Bill comes after an extensive battle with the U.S. Army and the U.S Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) over the best disposal method for 16M pounds of M6 propellant at Camp Minden. The Bill will not impact the path forward set for the Camp Minden M6 propellant which calls for a controlled contained burn method of disposal.

The Bill, which can be downloaded below, will be debated as part of the 2016 Legislative process will impact potential future munitions and explosives waste disposal operations in Louisiana. UXOInfo.com will track the Bill as it makes its way through the Louisiana legislative process and report on the progress.

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