Lawsuit Filed Over Lackluster UXO Response

Vernon, British Columbia a First Nations Tribe, has decided to file a lawsuit against the Canadian Department of National Defence (DND), for over two decades of neglecting to remove UXO from reservation lands. DND used the Okanagan Indian Band reserve lands for military training, including the firing of live munitions, between at least 1939 and 1990. The terms of the leases reportedly included stipulations that the department clean up and remove military munitions scrap and UXO once military use of the area ceased.

In a press release, Chief Byron Louis of the Okanagan Indian Band stated "The affected lands are prime areas of value for commercial, residential and agricultural uses. We have been patient and made every effort to work with Canada on the timely removal of UXOs, but after nearly three decades of limited clean-up efforts, we are tired of waiting."

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