Munition Identification Assistance

A reader emailed the following pictures looking for a positive identification on the following munition:



If you have an ID, please post your response as a comment to this article using the link below. Thank you.

Jon's Gravatar Looks like a mortar round. However, there are no holes in the shaft that you normally see. Also, the metal shaft that is attached to the base of the fin assembly (where the primer is normally located) is strange and should not be there for a "typical" mortar round.
# Posted By Jon | 4/13/16 8:40 AM
Dan Gray's Gravatar It looks like the Romanian 73 mm recoilless rifle ammunition, high explosive, OG-9, length: 457 mm, Fuze: 346-E, point detonating. Used in the Russian 73 mm recoilless rifle, SPG-9.
# Posted By Dan Gray | 4/13/16 11:59 AM
vinnie's Gravatar Concur 73mm.
Train on taking photos. Both ends, and at least two sides. Different angles. Closeups
# Posted By vinnie | 4/15/16 4:21 PM
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