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UXOInfo.com welcomes UXO Guest Author* Dr. Richard D. Albright, a local chemical weapons and ordnance expert who holds a Bachelor's from the University of Michigan, a Master of Science in Environmental Health from George Washington University and Doctorate from Wayne State. A former Army officer, he wrote a science bestseller, "Cleanup of Chemical and Explosive Munitions," now in its second edition; as well as two more books on munitions and their constituents, "Death of the Chesapeake," and "Poisoning the World's Women and Infants: The Story of Perchlorate."

Dr. Albright has testified before Congress and state government on munitions issues, and in federal court on environmental issues. He has been presented on prime time Russian TV and in international media as a weapons expert. His munitions work has been featured in: The Washingtonian Magazine, The Washington Post, The Washington Times, The Northeast Ohio News Herald, The Atlantic City Press, The New York Times, and The Kansas City Star. He has been cited as an ordnance authority in a briefing paper for the European Parliament.

Additionally, Dr. Albright served on Interstate Technology/Regulatory Council Teams, co-writing works on UXO, perchlorate and Small Arms Range Remediation. He has worked for 20 years to restore the Chesapeake Bay and was the first environmentalist to document pollution from the infamous Kepone Plant at Hopewell, VA in 1971. He won the Cafritz prize for his work cleaning up a chemical weapons site.

A SCUBA diver since 1956, Dr. Albright met with the famed Jacques Cousteau on his many trips to the Great Lakes. It was during these early diving experiences that Albright became aware of underwater ordnance issues. He has given presentations to ASTSWMO and EPA Region III on Underwater Ordnance and worked with the University of Michigan on Underwater Ordnance Issues in Lake Huron. He has offered advice to various state Environmental Departments on munitions issues.

In college, Dr. Albright fired on rifle and pistol teams and holds five Army expert medals. He has also used metal and mine detectors for over 50 years, building a metal detector and a sonar unit from scratch in high school. The sonar unit was used to find the Charles S. Price, a freighter sunk in Lake Huron during the infamous storm of 1913.

UXOInfo.com is pleased to introduce Dr. Albright as a guest writer and look forward to a new series of fascinating articles based of his years of UXO experience.

*Articles by UXO Guest Authors represent the views and opinions of the author and are not necessarily those of UXOInfo.com and its affiliates.

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