OHI / UXOInfo Technical Director - Jonathan Sperka

Jonathan Sperka is the Technical Director for Ordnance Holdings, Inc. (OHI), a small Hub Zone certified munitions, UXO and engineering services firm. OHI also runs and manages UXOInfo.com.

Jonathan holds a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Maryland and a Masters in Engineering Management from Johns Hopkins University.

He has over 23 years experience providing engineering and project / program management support to the EOD and UXO communities. Previous positions held include serving as a project engineer for the Naval EOD Technology Division; Program Manager for the Explosive Detection & Defeat Subgroup at the Technical Support Working Group (TSWG); and Program Manager / Director for three UXO services companies. He currently serves as the Technical Director for OHI.

In addition to his experience in the EOD / UXO industry as an engineer and project / program manager, Mr. Sperka is also the founder / developer of UXOInfo.com.

Contact Information:
Office: 443.522.2933
Cell: 410.961.0364
Email: Email:jsperka@ordnanceholdings.com

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