Raise Your Glass to UXO

Bedford, United Kingdom While digging in a garden, workers came across some unusual looking items. Not knowing exactly what the items were, they threw the items into a work-dumpster. However, believing the items had some historical value, one of the workers decided to save a few to show his friends and family over at the local pub.

When the items were pulled out of the man's trunk at the local pub, the pub owner became concerned as he recognized them as potential UXO. He decided to send a picture of the ordnance to the police. The pictures were passed along to a Northolt bomb squad, who responded to the site and confirmed that the unknown objects were indeed UXO.


The bomb squad then searched the garden and yard in Bedford where the items were found but did find any additional munitions. Despite the chaos of the police and bomb squad response, the pub owner was happy the events did not call for an evacuation of the pub. Cheers to that!


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