Diver Encounters Possible WWII Mine off English Coast

Falmouth, England A suspected WWII mine was found off the shore of Falmouth by a civilian diver. The item was encountered approximately 2,600 ft. from the coast. Realizing a potential threat, the diver called in the Coastguard to report his find.

The Coastguard contacted a Royal Navy bomb disposal team to investigate. Falmouth Coastguard personnel assisted the EOD team together to find the suspected bomb which EOD identified as a 9 foot long WWII era German 'G' Parachute Mine.


Due to late time in the day when the ordnance was investigated, EOD decided to return the following day to conduct a disposal operation. The area around the UXO was closed to traffic and guarded during until EOD completed the disposal operation.

EOD reportedly responded to a second ordnance find later the same day another after an item washed ashore at Fistral Beach in Newquay.

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