Help Wanted Deputy Sheriff - Bomb Technician

LOCATION: - Nye County, Nevada


Respond to calls for service, which include chemical, biological, radiological and explosive incidents.


Must first attend the Sheriff Academy and graduate as a Law Enforcement Deputy or hold a law enforcement certificate which has reciprocity in the State of Nevada. Former law enforcement personnel must not have received any discipline or committed a crime which would preclude him/her from being a law enforcement officer in the State of Nevada.

Must meet Nevada POST requirements and physical mental standards and is preferred to currently be certified Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Technician. All non EOD qualified personnel upon graduation from the Academy will be scheduled to attend the FBI Hazardous Devices School.

Must be able to perform mission essential tasks in either an 80 lb. bomb suit or chemical protective suits while wearing Self Contained Breathing Apparatus.


Individual will be assigned as a Category 1 Deputy with law enforcement duties and will perform Bomb Technician duties for the Nye County SWAT team on a full-time basis and will be subject to an on call status 24/7 as needed to respond to incidents involving explosives and other hazardous materials.


Submit a letter of interest and resume for initial screening to Mr. Frank Czajkowski via email Qualified persons will be submitted through the chain of command to the Human Resources Office.

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