Another UXO Find on Blair Rifle Range Trail

North Vancouver, British Columbia Canadian Department of National Defence (DND) officials reached out to residents and those who use the trails at Blair Rifle Range about a recent UXO find by UXO contractors working in the area. The statement released by email read, "On April 12, 2018, DND found a three-inch mortar during its on-going UXO survey work at the former Blair Rifle Range. As part of regular UXO safety procedures, the area has been secured and access temporarily restricted until the item is safely disposed of. DND's military ordnance disposal team is on site to safely dispose of the item and ensure public safety. They have decided that a controlled on-site detonation is the safest way to dispose of the item, so you may notice a loud noise, some smoke, and minimal vibrations."


DND stated that the trails will remain open for use while the search for UXO continues. This mortar is not the first one to be discovered in the area which was used as a military training site from the 1930s to 1960s. DND advises anyone who finds something suspicious to leave the area immediately and call 911.


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