Mother Of Three Tries Selling UXO On Ebay

Lincolnshire, United kingdom A 49 year old mother of three got the surprise of her life when a would be buyer told her that the item she was selling on Ebay was actually live. She obtained the munition item from a box of various collectibles she bought at a recent auction. The box contained miscellaneous toys, old clocks, and what she thought was an inert munition item.

Not knowing any better, the woman actually let her kids handle and play with the round and even reportedly planned to allow one of her kids (ages 11, 15 and 17) to take the item to a school for a 'show and tell' lesson. Luckily, that never happened.


After being told the item was potentially live, the woman called the police who responded with an EOD team from Royal Air Force Station Wittering. The EOD team conducted a controlled disposal operation to destroy the item.

In an interview following the ordeal, the woman told reporters, "I thought 'Oh my God', because my kids had been playing with it and chucking it round. I often buy things from auctions and markets and sell them for a bit more money and people always like to buy old military stuff," she said. "So I stuck it on eBay and a collector got in touch and said it looked real and could be live I immediately called 101 and they sent somebody round. Then they called for the bomb squad."

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