Man Finds Ordnance In Garden and Drives it Fire Station

Monchengladbach, Germany A man working in his garden uncovered an old rusty ordnance item. Suspecting it could be dangerous, the man put the bomb in a cardboard box and drove down to his local fire station to ask officials how to dispose of the find.

Firefighters called the ordnance disposal service to the site to dispose of the hazard. The ordnance disposal team identified the item as a WWII era British incendiary bomb. The item was safely disposed of through a controlled demolition shot.

In a public service announcement following the incident, city officials called on citizens to never follow the man's example. The statement read in part - "In all cases where an explosive ordnance is found, utmost caution is required! The Ordnance Disposal Service strongly recommends that if a suspicious item, which could be ordnance, is found, it must not be moved but left at the site and the authorities are immediately informed."

Emilee Alisa's Gravatar The occurrence, which occurred in the west German city of Monchengladbach on Thursday, pursues follows discoveries of unexploded ordnance from the war everywhere throughout the nation, including major populated areas, for example, Berlin, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Hanover, and Cologne.
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