An Almost Unbelievable Munitions Cover-Up

Venio, The Netherlands Dutch police warned the public that it is "strictly ill-advised to lie down on a bomb". The incident which lead up this announcement involved a man gardening who uncovered a munition item. After realizing that the item was potentially dangerous, he began to cover the item in sand. In the process, he reportedly heard a whistling sound coming from the item.

Concerned, the man decided to lay on the item using his body to cover up the munition. Apparently, he wanted to limit the damage it could cause. When the whistling stopped, the man was so frightened to move that he called police from his cell phone. Police responded and evacuated nearby residents as they called EOD for support  all the while leaving the man perched on the item as they too did not want to take the chance in moving him.

It took EOD over 3 hours to respond due to the distance they had to travel. EOD developed a plan to separate the man from the ordnance he was covering. The man was taken to a hospital and treated for hypothermia symptoms after his 3+ hours of lying in the freezing winter cold.

After further inspection of the ordnance, EOD concluded that the item did not contain explosives nor did it pose a threat. They could not explain the whistling noise the man said he heard.

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