Couple of Bad Apples

El Paso, Texas Tyler James Sumlin (former Army EOD) and Jason Wayne Jarvis (active duty EOD) were arrested on allegations that they conspired to assemble a cache of weapons and explosives that were to be illegally sold and smuggled into Mexico. According to the criminal compliant, the two allegedly met with undercover agents from Homeland Security at a truck stop where they agreed to sell weapons and explosives for $75,000 with the exchange to occur at a nearby storage warehouse.

However, when the group arrived at the warehouse, the undercover agents arrested to the two men. According to court documents, agents seized 32 rifles, three handguns, and five pounds of C4 explosives. They also seized silencers, a short barreled rifle, and a hand grenade, according to the indictment.

The pair is charged with a total of eight counts, to include conspiracy to smuggle goods from the United States, transfer of firearms without a license, and transporting explosive materials without a license.

After his arrest, Jarvis reportedly told agents he expected to earn $2,000 from the transaction, while Sumlin said his cut was $12,000, which would have left $61,000 in earnings. Although the indictment doesn't list any other names, it does say the pair "had access to individuals who could help make and assemble National Firearms Act firearms," and that, "because of their military duty [they] had access to explosives and explosive devices."

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