Another Magnet Fishing UXO Find

Leicester, United Kingdom A 48-year old man recovered an ordnance item out of the River Soar while magnet fishing. The man, who is part of the Northants Magnet Fishing group, was keen enough to know to back away and notify authorities.


The police responded with technical support from an EOD unit to transport the item for safe disposal. In an interview with reporters following the call, the man described the find in detail - "You get a bit of an adrenaline rush when you find something like that, but you don't know how volatile these things are.... When you find something like that, you just have to put it down on the ground and move away from it and then phone it in."

The number of magnet fishing UXO related finds has increased dramatically over the past few years due in part to reports of interesting finds posted on social media sites.

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