Boy Discovers Ordnance In River

Willoughby Hills, Ohio A 12-year old boy playing and wading in the Chagrin River near the Eagle Road Bridge when he noticed an odd-shaped object among the rocks in the water. Curios, the boy picked up the 20-pound item and carried it through the river and back to his home.

When his mother noticed what her son brought home, she immediately contacted police who responded to their home, with the Lake County Bomb Disposal Unit. Bomb technicians set up a perimeter for them to safely remove the shell, which was placed in an explosive containment unit and taken to another location for safe disposal.


Police said it's unknown how the shell got in the Chagrin River. Following the incident, the police issued a warning to the public that if anyone encountered "an explosive device like a bomb, shell or mortar, don't touch it; leave it there and contact your local law enforcement."

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