Boater Brings Live Ordnance to Marina

Carteret County, North Carolina Military ordnance was cause for concern at a Carteret County marina after a boater found the UXO in nearby waters. The ordnance was brought to Dudley's Marina by the boater, who transported the device from Browns Inlet to Dudley's Marina in Cedar Point. Upon arrival, employees of the marina notified law enforcement with N.C. Marine Patrol, who notified New River Air Station.

A Marine EOD unit from Camp Lejeune responded to secure the area. Several local agencies were involved in the disposal including Marine Patrol, the U.S. Coast Guard, Swansboro Fire Department, and Swansboro Police Department, and West Carteret Fire Department (WCFD).

Reportedly, the boater found the UXO on Browns Island which is a restricted area due to frequent live-fire training exercises conducted in the area. Civilians are not authorized to be on Browns Island without prior approval.

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