Preparations for VP Visit Interrupted by Ordnance Find

Harwich, Massachusetts In an ill-advised move, a resident drove an ordnance item he found in his basement to the Harwich Police Station. Police sent out a notice stating: "The parking area and lobby of the Public Safety Facility is CLOSED due to an unexploded military shell that was brought to the station. If you need to come to the station you must pull to the far right side of the fire station and call 430-7541. A dispatcher will speak with you and an officer will come to you. Please do not get out of your vehicle."

Officers placed the item in a cordoned off area of the parking lot. They notified the Massachusetts State Police Bomb Squad. The units were on Nantucket preparing for the visit of VP Mike Pence and Gov. Charlie Baker, so a state police helicopter was able to fly the members of the bomb squad back to the mainland. Barnstable Police then brought them to their vehicles, and they rushed to move the ordnance to a secure location where it was safely detonated. The troopers believed it was an an inert training aid used back in WWII. However, they did not want to take any chances with the item.

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