EOD Heritage Museum Coming Soon

Funds are now being raised to support the creation of an EOD Heritage Museum. The museum will be located on the property of the Air Force Armament Museum, Eglin AFB, Florida. The museum will be in a newly built Quonset style building that offers 2,000 square feet of space to tell the amazing story of Explosive Ordnance Disposal. The museum will be open to the public with access outside of Eglin AFB.

The unique story of EOD dates back to its inception in 1941 to the present. There will be static displays, interactive storyboards and artifacts.

For many years, the conversation about having a historical museum that captures our history has been a topic discussed at various gatherings. Now the dream is ready to become a reality, but support is needed.

The building maintenance/upkeep are a donation, but the interior set up and design will come with a cost. Creators are truly looking forward to creating a place where they can tell the story of EOD in a personal way through a variety of display cases that hold artifacts, interactive holograms with headsets and more.

For that reason, planners are calling on ALL EOD Brothers, Sisters, Family and Friends. Through generous donations, they will be able to build the internal structure and display cases to house artifacts. The interior construction would happen in phases to ensure the story from each Major Branch of Military Service is told with a personal touch and accuracy from each era and major conflict.

Early plans envision a small theater with four exhibit areas that cover critical timelines of EOD history and a fifth exhibit area as a rotating display. The exhibits will also include EOD robots and several different bomb suits.

A GoFundMe site has been established to raise funds for the project.

Although the robots and bomb suits have already been collected, the project is not collecting items for display at this time. An announcement will go later asking for items for display.

This effort is being supported by the EOD Warrior Foundation. The museum is being managed as a separate effort so funding and support for other EOD Warrior Foundation programs and efforts will not be affected.

Currently the EOD Heritage Museum committee members are: Melissa Tackitt, the Foundation's EOD memorial care and events coordinator serving as chair of the committee and representing the Navy; Brian Corris, representing the Marine Corps; Rebecca Kimberling, representing the Air Force; and Robert Leiendecker and Mike Vining, representing the Army. Committee members are also members of these various EOD associations:

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