Man Killed by 105mm Projectile during Cookout

Honiara, Soloman Islands A man is dead and three others injured after a WWII shell detonated in the Solomon Islands. According to police, the tragedy happened when a group of young people holding a fundraiser in the capital, Honiara, built a fire to cook food "without realizing that there was a bomb laying underground".

Inspector Clifford Tunuki, from the Solomon Islands' EOD team said the remaining fragments of the shell have been found and safely removed from the site for disposal. "Police have responded to the incident and secured the scene after the blast," Tunuki said.

In his statement Tubuki continued, "EOD experts have identified the bomb, which is a US 105mm high-explosive projectile that remained after World War II." This is the third fatality in the area in just over six months caused by exploding WWII ordnance.

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